December 18, 1962

Dear Eleanor,

I received your letter yesterday.  Thank you for being so brave.  I feel stronger knowing you are so brave.  I think it is a good idea to write to another newspaper.  I will try one of the Northern newspapers you mentioned.  Thank you for sending the addresses.

I have had a hard time getting paper and pen.  I wanted to write you sooner but I just got paper and pen today. I will use what I have left now to write the northern newspapers.  I will start with the one in Baltimore. I will tell them about that man and what he said to you about the farm.  I wish I was not sick and locked in here because if I was better I would go after that man.  He is not a smart man and he enjoys hurting people.  Maybe it is good that I did not get admitted to Southern if there are people like that who go to school there.

I will die here, Sister.  I have told them I am sick but they do not listen.  Most of the guards laugh and call me nigger and say I am trying to trick them.  They say they heard I was the ‘tricky nigger’ who tried to get into one of their schools.  They say they will not let me trick them because they are smarter than me.  But none of them went to the University.  Some of them cannot even read.

Say thank you to Medgar for all his help.  I think he should talk to Robert Kennedy about my situation.  I think the Kennedy’s are good for the country and good for the south.  The guards talk poorly of them here but I think the Kennedy’s will do good.  I was also glad to hear about James Meredith.  Perhaps I made a difference if he is now in classes at Ole Miss. Could Southern be next?

Tell Henry and Marshall that I love them and will see them soon.

Your Loving Brother,



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