Letter To Editor from the Sovereignty Commission files

Jackson Clarion Ledger

Friday, December 6, 1958

Filed to MSC records on Nov. 14, 1972

In our state the officials spend much of their time and perhaps much of our money trying to convince the integrationists, and reassure the segregationists, that the policy of perpetual segregations is the wisest course for us to pursue, in spite of the tremendous cost of duplication.

We believe that for men to work together best, they must be trained together in their youth.  We believe that there is more to going to school than listening to the teacher and reciting lessons.  In school one learns to appreciate and respect the abilities of the other.  We believe-

At this point the type was obscured.  Someone had written something over the page—
ink bleeding through another page, leaving a remnant of the type.  It read ‘Eleanor King, New Orleans, 504-296-3845’.
I copied this down on a scrap of paper which I put in my wallet and returned to the letter

We believe in the dignity and brotherhood of man and the divinity and fatherhood of God, and as such, men should work for the up-building of each other, in mutual love and respect.  We believe when merit replaces race as a factor in character evaluation, the most heckling social problem of modern times will have been solved.

Thus we believe in integration on all levels from kindergarten to graduate schools; in every area of education; in government, federal, state, local; in industry from the floor sweeper to the superintendent’s office: in science from the laboratory to the testing ground.

This, I believe, is our creed.  And though it is not perfect, still I had rather meet my God with this creed than with any other yet devised by human society.

Respectfully submitted,

Clyde King

250  Highway 98, Poscataw, Mississippi


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