Helen scooted close so she didn’t have to shout over the wind. 

‘That was some performance this weekend.  Sometimes I forget you can be charming when you want to be.’

‘I have my moments.’

‘You seem to have the Family Stone figured out.’ 

Helen’s family lived in a little town at the base of the Sierras.  In her home town her mother was the mayor and her father was the principal of the high school.  Compliments of her upbringing, Helen had always been of the opinion that she should be in charge, and in most things she was: capably and patiently in charge.

‘What can I say,’ I offered.  ‘I’m irresistible.  They can’t help themselves.’

‘You have them convinced.  But wait until they get to know you like I do.’

Stevie Nicks belted out the chorus.

‘I follow you doooowwnnn ’till the soooouunndd

Of my vooo-ice will haunt yoooouuu!’

Marty and Monty joined in from the back seat.  Tito remained silent, stoic as usual.

‘You’llll ne-ver get a-waaay from the soooouund of the woo-maaan that looooves yoooouuuu…’

‘They’re your family,’ I said.  ‘Maybe you should let them in on your little secret.’

‘And what would that be?’ she said with a coy smile.

‘That you’re dating a con-artist.’

‘Oh that.  He’s only a part-time con-artist.’

Which part of the time?


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