July 3, 1962

Dear Eleanor,

It is hard to believe it has already been four years here.  I would expect that I would grow less bitter, yet I still think back to that day I walked out of the admission’s building and saw the sheriff there. I can only hope that the efforts taken by Medgar and our other friends will one day lead to justice for all of us here at Parchman.

Yesterday there was a man who they said was acting up.  They stripped off all his clothes in front of us and dragged him around by his privates.  Afterwards he was bleeding but they left him on the ground until his screaming got so bad someone had to take him away.  One of the guards told me I had better keep my mouth shut or I would get the same treatment.

I miss you and Henry and Marshall.  Hopefully I will get out soon and see you all.  I have been thinking about the farm and I think we should start a nursery in the south pasture.

Your brother,



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